Vintge Jesus Racing: Faith and Racing

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Meeting up with people is one hundred percent what we are about. We want to be able to link up with folks from far and near as our journeys and stories collide in a totally unique experience.

If ‘Vintage Jesus’ resonates with you please do come and join us for a great day out. As a team our prayer is that each of us might know what it truly means to race with destiny… because actually faith and racing are not so far apart.

Enjoy, thank you and God bless

Our car is a 1952 Cooper T18 Formula Junior

It really is an amazing piece of history - being one of the early single seaters made by Cooper Cars in Surbiton well before they made Grand Prix cars and won the F1 World Championship in 1959 and 60. The original Formula Junior Championship actually ran from 58-63 and our T18 is a former 500cc Formula 3 car. The car was exported to South Africa in this form but was converted to Formula Junior spec in 1962 for a new series that was starting up. The series never got off the ground but the car went on to compete in historic events until it was brought back to the UK in 2015.

We purchased the car when a Christian minister grasped the vision we had for ‘Vintage Jesus race co.’ He kindly and enthusiastically leant us the money to purchase the car specifically to share Jesus.

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Faith & Racing

At ‘Vintage Jesus’ we uniquely combine faith and racing. In 2017 we are competing in the Historic British Formula Junior championship. We are looking forward to groups, families and individuals as they come and spend the day with us in the classic car filled paddock - where we will share a day of racing, faith and friendship over a BBQ meal and refreshments in our race team canopy. Please book up, the atmosphere will be fun, open and laid-back.

We will compete at 10 rounds across the UK. Please check the calendar page to see when we will be near to you.

‘The road to Goodwood?’

For the historic racer few places and events can match the Goodwood Revival and Member’s Meetings. Each year a select bunch of Formula Junior drivers are invited to race at these meets. If ‘Vintage Jesus’ can complete the championship we stand an excellent chance of being invited to compete at these races. It’s the icing on the cake – not exactly necessary for what we do but nonetheless it makes the season far tastier, for sure.


Vintage Jesus race co.’ has been put together by Alvin Davies. However, importantly the outfit is a team initiative too, as there are a significant number of individuals, sponsors and partner organisations that have joined together to bring make the whole project happen.

Great to be able to share a bit about my path with you.
For me ‘Vintage Jesus’ is primarily about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through the skills and interests which the whole team shares.
Maybe a bit of my own story will help to present where we are coming from. I grew up as a Christian believer and made my own decision to follow Christ at a young age. Throughout my formative years my love of cars and bikes steadily grew and this eventually developed into a passion for racing. During this time my faith also blossomed and was always an intrinsic part of my whole life. I was fortunate in my twenties to have the opportunity to race in Formula Vauxhall Junior and Formula Vee in both the UK and abroad. I was keen to share my faith through whatever I did and racing was no exception.

My initial inspirations
I can clearly remember being inspired by Freddie Spencer who competed in, and won, world championships in Moto GP. Known as ‘Fast Freddie’, Spencer was amongst the very best and clearly never left his faith at home when either competing or chatting with the press. I was challenged by his witness but like many my racing ‘career’ came and went all too quick, yet both the racing and faith-sharing felt like unfinished business. Fast forward to the last few years and I find myself having trained for Christian mission and ministry, managed a wining race team and worked in mission and ministry too. As a part of this current work I am ‘Motorsports Coordinator’ for ‘Christian Vision for Men’ (CVM). In this role I get to speak at meetings, events and breakfasts as well as help fellow racers who are also keen combine their sport and faith.

See you at a race track near you very soon
As you can see, still the desire to share my faith through my interests continues - ever present. In managing a race team I learnt a lot, just as I did with mission and pastoral work..With this background I am convinced that we at ‘Vintage Jesus race co’ can bring together an exciting outreach program within the ever-popular and exciting world of historic motor sport. I look forward to the 2017 season and to meeting many of you from across the country. Our hospitality will be warm, friendly and open. We want you to enjoy the day as you get to know what makes us tick. We are open about our faith (which is why ‘Jesus’ is in our team name) just as much as we are open to enjoying motor sport. I hope to see you at a race track near you very soon.”

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Upcoming Events

2017 Calendar of Events – ‘Vintage Jesus Race co

race calendar

April 28th-30th
Donington Park Historic Festival

May 20th-21st

June 17th-18th
Cadwell Park

June 23rd-25th
CVM ‘The Gathering’ in “A field near Swindon”

July 1st-2nd
Brands Hatch Legends Superprix

July 28th-30th
Silverstone Classic

August 5th-6th
Croft Nostalgia Festival

August 26th-28th
Oulton Park Historic Gold Cup

Sept 8th-10th
Goodwood Revival (pending invite –TBC)

Oct 7th
Castle Combe

Oct 21st-22nd

More TBC

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‘Vintage Jesus’ operates through a number of sponsor partnerships. We work with ‘CVM’ to help groups with mens’ ministry (though we work more generally with men, women and families). We also have a mutual media partnership with ‘Sorted Magazine’. Through this partnership we display ‘Sorted’ logos on our page, car and social media forums, and have our own full colour page advert in each issue of the magazine to promote ‘Vintage Jesus’ events and sponsors.

At present we are talking with a couple of other sponsorship partners on promotional initiatives. Please do contact us for further information as we may well be able to partner with your business, ministry, organisation or church to promote your interest and shared mission.

Your Pledge

There are of course ongoing costs associated with the team’s mission work and if you as an individual are keen to support the work we would love to partner with you in the Gospel. There are a number of ways that this can happen.

- Pray. Become a prayer partner and commit to praying regularly for us (contact us for a prayer card)

- Give. You could send either a one-off, or a regular gift.

- Pledge. Pledge a specific item/area of the ministry (see list below), whether for race costs or direct ministry hospitality costs.

- Merchandise. You could go to our merchandise page and make a purchase. Please feel free to combine pledged items to make up the amount you would like to give, and let us know what you have purchased so we can keep people updated on what specifically has been bought. Please email us to say what you would like to give, pledge or buy. Thank you. business, ministry, organisation or church to promote your interest and shared mission.

Pledge items

Drum of race fuel – (enough for a race meeting) £17

Burgers, rolls and tea/coffee for the hospitality - £30

Fuel for team van to get to a race (average miles) - £80

Tyres (6 for the year) - £150 each

Race Meeting Entry fee – (10 for the year) - £250 each

Our sponsors

Austen Knapman
Sorted logo
TP Cats logo
BLR Engineering logo
The Track logo

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All our merchandise is aimed at us partnering together in the mission of ‘Vintage Jesus’, both through contributing financially and conversations initiated by the products. The ‘Vintage Jesus’ logo is designed to be open in regards to a message so that when people enquire about it conversations can be had that are appropriate in the given situation.

Items – coming soon




Wrist bands



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Contact us

Vintage Jesus race co.
9 Scotts Walk, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 2HB

Tel: 07866 413409

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